Off-road & Towing Camera COMBO

Imagine if you need to have 8 cameras around your car/truck & caravan/trailer, and you need to control all of them at the same big head unit/display screen
with just 2 simple master toggle switches?

We have had many questions about a special camera system over the last several years.

Which it must be suitable for our Oz men and women to use the camera system under their hands with full control, and it must have all of those 12-Must-Have-Features at the same time:


1- Must have a big display screen. Big enough to say from at least 7 inches to 10 inches, and fit nicely on the dashboard like the factory head unit.


2- Must be able to integrate into the head unit upgrade to enjoy the benefit of High-resolution head unit IPS screen.


3- Must have a great angle of view (no less than 150-degree diagonal field of view)


4- Can be installed with at least 4 cameras: 1x front bar/bullbar; 1x left side mirror (or 1 x left side corner of the towing trailer/boat trailer/caravan), 1x right side mirror (or 1 x right side corner of the towing trailer/boat trailer/caravan), 1x reverse camera position (on the car, or on the back of towing trailer/boat trailer/caravan).


5- Must be waterproof


6- Must be suitable for 4x4 use or towing use


7- Must be flexible to QUICKLY ADJUST the angle of view in different situations (for example: adjust up/down the camera to change the direction of view)


8- Must be Night Vision built-in mechanism


9- Must not be divided into smaller portions of several cameras on the same one screen which actually makes the camera useless (this happens with many 360-degree camera systems where 4 cameras sharing one screen to make it so tiny details and too unreal curving images).


In our system, whenever you want to see any camera it will show on the full display screen for the greatest details from that camera.


10- Must be no limit in term of distance from the farthest camera to the screen. YES, there is no limit to this. It could be as long as 10m, 20m, or 30m truck NO PROBLEM.


11- Must be FULL CONTROL on-demand. This really is the crucial point of building our COMBO system. Our customers want to see what the left/right side mirror camera showing before changing the lane with just a flick of a master switch while do not want to turn the left side signal on (this is VERY DIFFERENT with what you normally see from a 360-degree camera system which will NEED to turn on side signal to see the camera on that side).


12- MUST BE no limit of cameras if in the case in need of adding more cameras into the system (say you want 8 x cameras in this COMBO setup, with 4 x cameras stay in the car (front bar/left mirror/right mirror/reverse), and with 4 x cameras stay in your caravan (front left corner/front right corner/rear bar of the caravan/rear roof of the caravan). YES, we will do it no problem.


If you think this 12-Must-Have-Features camera system is what you need, then you know that we already developed it and get it ready for you here at MPX AUTOS!