MPX AUTOS has been on the market of Automotive Electricals Entertainment & Security for several good years since 2011. We focused on supplying Hi-tech and High-performance parts for Autos Entertainment, Security, and Lighting sections with further expansion in the soon future. 

MPX AUTOS also provides professional fitting service for any of our products where we can apply our highest standard for the local customers. We have a FACTORY - FITTED - GUARANTEE SERVICE for any of our products.

Many of you might remember us with the previous name MAXPERFORMANCE when it was changed in 2020.


While we still focus on the same vision of the previous period, MPX AUTOS aims to support customers with a wider range of products and higher quality built systems including a longer genuine warranty, and of course at lower prices. 

If you have been in contact with us since 2011, you might be surprised by our warm welcome note when you call back to our phone. "Hey mate, it is a long time we haven't seen each other, how can I help you today?"

MPX AUTOS https://www.mpxautos.com.au GPS NAV Navigation Bluetooth  Dashcam DVR reverse camera, WIRELESS APPLE CARPLAY ANDROID AUTO

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Proud to be Automotive Electricals Entertainment Infotainment & Security specialist in Sydney since 2011